Plymouth half marathon

Today I ran the plymouth half marathon and completed it in 1 hour 55 minutes!! So so proud of myself so … That’s basically my excuse to not blogging in about 3 weeks plus I’ve been Ill 😦 

I’ve been so so busy training, being Ill ( and feeling sorry for myself) and revising for exams I’ve had to put this aside… It’s broken my heart but I’m back 💪 and will try keep up to date! 
I went on a massive shopping spree a few weeks back and brought so much 🙊
Jelly shoes x2 
Mom jeans (see previous blog) 
Crop top blah blah blah 
My absolute favourite item is this gorgeous blue crop top… Friends have decribed this as a ‘slutty Dorothy outfit’ from wizard of oz 😂😂… But what do they know ✋😂

I think I’ll paid this up with white loafers and highwaisted jeans from topshop…. 😏
this week I really can’t get over the fact that there is two bank holidays so close together!!!! I didn’t go out last bank holiday but am so going out this time and I can’t wait to post my outfit up!! 
Anyway, will get back on it I promise ✌️
Speak soon

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