Back on it.

The trainers are back on and my eating habits are back on point.
I personally find it hard to eat healthy when I’m not in a routine, so now i’ve started uni I’m so motivated to get back to how I was before I went on holiday and I’m hoping by blogging about my journey will help me stay motivated. 
I guess you could kind of look at it as a kind of Katie Hopkins approach… fit to fat to fit again. 
Since my holiday I have gained a stone and although I did keep up the exercise if your diet isn’t on point you will gain fat.. and thats exactly what i’ve done but I have also gained muscle as I found a new love for weight training and carbs.. the dreaded thing happened to me… I bulked, my whole body felt so large from muscle building under layers of fat. 
However, i’ve always duelled on the past and I’m not anymore, I’m in a good place and have no excuses.. so I’m looking onwards and upwards!

What I ate yesterday:

Scrambled egg x2 eggs (only one yolk)
Kale, spinach, lettuce, lemon and grapefruit smoothiethis doesn’t taste as bad as it seems as the lemon and grapefruit take away the bitterness off the greens. My version of this smoothie is simple – BUNG IT ALL IN TOGETHER, bit of kale, bit of spinach, bit of lettuce, one lemon and one grapefruit and blenddddd! (I can’t take the credit for this low sugar smoothie… my step mum told me about it)

kale, spinach, lettuce, lemon and grapefruit smoothie

Protein shake – Buy the protein I use here, chocolate flavour is the protein I use and will only use… add with water or milk before bed.. it mixes so well and tastes amazing for a great price too.
Pistachio nuts 
Grilled Chicken with roasted veg – served cold and still yum!
Activia yogurt
Cucumber sticks
Peanut butter – A lump on a spoon, just before gym… for extra energy
Steak, mushrooms and salad
Protein shake – Just before bed with milk
Exercise I did yesterday:

Walking home from the train station1.5miles uphill
Body Combat – 1 hour at Dyrons ( a local gym) with the incredible Hannah Broughton. Hannah uses the high impact, calorie burning Les Mills programmes… these workouts are intense but Hannah keeps you so motivated and encourages you through out every second. If you don’t have a Hannah near you… you need to get yourself one, as I owe it to her for my previous weight loss and muscle gain!! I also participate is Hannah’s Body Pump (weight lifting) and Body Jam (dancing) classes through out the week too! View the Les Mills website here visit Newton Abbot Class Timetable here

Im so excited to get going again today! My diet will more or less stay the same as yesterday with a few differences so it doesn’t get boring for example changing the meats and veg. This is the sort of diet I was having when I was in my best shape.

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