Fitness Fashion

I have this obsession with sports wear, it doesn’t matter what it is or where its from I just can’t get enough. This top and leggings are my latest editions to my collection… what should have cost me £43.00 only cost me £35, both being from Oxford Street’s Sports Direct. This store is my all time favourite Sports Direct … for a start its huge but also everything is in such amazing order you actually don’t feel like you should be getting such great deals! 

Nike being Nike have completely got it right with these two pieces, light weight, comfortable, breathable and an incredible fit, perfect for literally any type of exercise. I have worn both of these to Body Combat and Body Pump, so two very different types of exercise, one being a high intensity cardio class and the other being strength training. None of the items made me uncomfortable in any way and both stayed snug… which was amazing as I find it difficult to get clothing that stay snug as sometimes they rise up or even worse… fall down! Nike have definitely shown why they are definitely a brand I reckon and will always return too. 

I’ve also started to wear the Fitbit tracking how many steps and calories I burn throughout the day, yesterday I walked 16,182 steps and burnt 2,434 calories! It is such good information to know and helps with the motivation that I was talking about in my Back on it post.

Nike leggings – Sports Direct Similar here
Nike top-

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