Beach Run & Progress

I went on the most amazing run last week that I’m now making a weekly thing, after completing my half marathon I focused mainly on the gym and neglected my running, but there is something about winter running that I love, so I started incorporating running back into my exercise regime, only once a week for now.

The first week I just went on the roads and although it definitely cleared my head from uni stress, there isn’t much I can say that is pleasant about running through rush hour traffic… so as I live by the beach I thought it was time to take full advantage of it! And what a great decision that was!

The sand being thick on the beach makes it so much harder to run, makes you pick your legs up a lot more, working them harder, it definitely upped my work out.

Another thing I wanted to share, was my progress, after my back on it post I was determined to change and get back on track and I’m happy to say I did exactly that!! 

Although not obese by any means, I had a lot of water weight and had come out of shape by all of the rubbish I had been eating. 
By slowly cutting carbs and sugar, upping the protein and good fats and after more research I have found new meals I absolutely loveeeeee! – At the moment stir fry veg with grilled chicken marinated in curry powder is my ultimate fave, and pistachio nuts are my most desired snack, I’m like a little squirrel eating them ( Although more expensive I got for the roasted unsalted ones, simply as they are better for you without the salt). 

 I have a day off uni today so me and Sam are spending the day together (he normally goes to work with my mum and stepdad), this was my amazing lunch – I have a thing for sweetcorn at the moment, the great thing about it is sweet but without the tonnes of sugar. Sam couldn’t resist but try to pester me for chicken and yes he did win, he got some. 

Excuse my boyfriends room, but this is the difference from 28th September, when the previous pictures were taken to now. 
I’m really happy with the progress and although I haven’t lost ‘weight’ as such, I’m still weighing around the 9.9 stone, but that wasn’t my aim, I don’t want to loose ‘weight’ I want to loose fat –  I have lost all my water weight and some fat, while toning up again as well. 
These progress pictures and blogs definitely help with my motivation to keep going and not to fall off the track! 
How are you all getting on?

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