Changing my training

A month or so ago I noticed by usual workout wasn’t getting me out of breath as much as it used too and I certainly didn’t sweat as much. So I was having to change up my training. I was actually really proud of myself and also a bit gutted – ‘argh that means I have to work even harder’ but also ‘wow i’ve actually achieved something’.
One of my favourite fitness quotes is:
I kept going and finally what used to exhaust me WAS my warm up or near enough.
So after I had my little celebration of achieving a goal, I had to work on the hard stuff… what can I do to keep shredding fat?


I’ve seen it advertised on loads of Instgram pages and me being a sucker to advertising I checked it out. HIIT training is everywhere with research proving that it works! 
An offer, which was $99 (it’s an american PT) now down to $29 which turns out to be £18.47 I thought it was a great deal just to try out.
It came with a food shopping guide, nutrition guide, HIIT training guide & HIIT abs guide. The training side I absolutely love! Sometimes I may not even follow the programme exercise by exercise, sometimes I used the exercises given and change the order up a bit.
I follow the HIIT training guide and then follow on by HIIT abs.
I love it, if I can’t be bothered to drive all the way to the gym I know I can do the same exercises at home! I sweat like a pig, which isn’t attractive but when I finish that work out I feel incredible & I have 100% started seeing results, my abs have started to show more and I have definitely lost fat. 
One thing I will say is, for someone who does a lot of research of diet and nutritionI haven’t used the nutrition guide a lot but for someone starting out it is perfect, easy to read and gives you so much information.
I would like to have had some meal ideas, but for the price I can not complain about that – I guess that’s what Google is for?!
To view or buy the HIITMAX programme – 

One other exciting thing I have to mention is MAN UP gym wear has opened up a competition for the chance to win a pair of NIKE AIR MAX & £100 voucher to spend with them. I love their bold clothing and who wouldn’t want another pair of trainers! 
To enter simply subscribe to their website: 
Do you do any HIIT training?
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