Water Retention

This is a quick post on something I have finally come to terms with and thought it was important to share with you guys.


I hate it, it makes me look bigger than I actually am and makes me feel like i’ll never reach my goal. I’ve battled with water retention for ages now and have just never understood it, until I saw this HUGE difference in just a week I realised what caused water retention for me – lack of exercise & rubbish food.

Over Christmas, as some of you know, I had an amazing time in America. However, although I did encounter some incredible runs on the beach my diet was great… I was in America and I felt a need for those pancakes for breakfast and the burger for lunch and the tacos for dinner, it was a need at the time not a want. I ate so so much and moved very little, sitting in the sun (hard life) meant I drank very little too.

Although there are many reasons for water retention including medical. Bad diet/ lack of protein and lack of exercise were the factors for me… as you can see…

The picture on the left was taken on 7th January and the right picture taken last Thursday, sooo, the 15th – 8 days. It looks like I’ve lost about half a stone, I haven’t it’s simply water – so what i’m saying is don’t fret if you wake up in the morning and feel down thinking you’ve gone back two steps in your progress, it’s mostly probably water weight and after a week of eating healthy and exercising you’ll loose that.

Here are a few tips to get rid of water retention:

– drink more water, our body is up to 70% water. Not drinking water can cause our bodies to hold on to the water we eventually do drink.

– Eat less salt, sodium rich foods are thought to cause water retention. A lot of processed foods have excess sodium in them.

– Do regular exercise to keep your circulatory system moving. Including weight to tone up those muscles!

– Try not to sit down for too long, get up and shake your booty … or just walk… whatever floats your boat.

This was really important for me to post this today as so many people mistake water retention for weight gain and they loose motivation to keep going.

Shake it off as Taylor says and go work out!!

Loosing water weight is such a great motivational start to keep you going to loose those extra bits of fat or to tone up more.. lets kick water retention in the butt.

lots of love 

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