Next Stop, Lanndaannn

So, some of you guys and gals may have seen my more than eventful 24 hours if you have me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. 
Basically my little cherubs… this girl, right here, has just bagged herself a one month internship with Women’s Health magazine. *applause*… oh stop it you!
But when I say this opportunity has been pure madness, I genuinely mean PURE MADNESS… so i’m here to tell you my little story… 
The beginning of the week, for me, was so crap, i’m pretty sure the smell is still lurking about. It was one of those weeks where you are 100% certain your life is, well, crap and nothing is going right for you… I was a complete moody teenager as my Dad and Stepmum call it. 
Uni was getting on top of me, I felt I wasn’t achieving in the gym either, as I had such lack of motivation. 
Basically, I just was really down. Lol.
Anyway, so I was in my lecture yesterday afternoon, being told to start applying for interns.. so well I did. 
I applied for a digital internship at Women’s Health magazine at 3pm.
I left uni at 3:30pm. By roughly 4:10pm, while on my train home, I had an email. From Amy at Women’s health…
‘Hi Chloe, thanks for the interest, can you start monday? and could you come for an interview tomorrow at 11?’
It was basically along those sort of lines… as you can imagine… I was like O M G. 
The lady opposite was like ‘er, are you ok love?’ 
That was it, I was off, phoning everyone possible that I needed too: 
Mum – ‘Shit! Can I make this happen?!’
Dad – ‘ Can I come live with you for a month?!’
Uni Lectuers – ‘ Can you give me permission to not turn up for a month?’
By the time I got to telling my boyfriend and his family properly I had a full on script, word for word on what to say.. simply because I had said it so many times!
SOOO… today… I flew to London with my ledge of a mum at 7am from Exeter to get to Hearst Magazine for 11am – I made it – I got the intern – I start Monday.
So yeah, in the space of 48 hours, I have gone from thinking my life is going no where… to going to getting up at 4am for an interview… to planning on staying in london for a month! (I will be coming home at weekends, i’m a fanny like that and I have uni work to complete too)
I love an adventure and all that jaz, but this is mental – so yeah watch this space for the next month about my journey with Women’s Mag digital team!
This is my current ‘i’m knackered, i’ve just got home, my life is mad’ face.

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