End of week 1 & London Fashion Weekend

So week 1 is done and to be honest, taking away the commuting, I’ve had a good week and have learnt so much about digital software – social and web.

If you want, I mean you don’t have too, but you can go to Women’s Health Mag online and see my favourite sorbet recipe … my name is even on the site.. basically famous. Oh and i’m classed as ‘online assistant’… isn’t that fancy.

You’ll all be happy to know i’m no longer getting lost around London, I even ran to the station Wednesday night (1.8 miles with my laptop in my bag, coat and non running gear) just to catch the earlier train – which made me think, if I ran through the centre of Exeter or Plymouth people would think i’m weird. Run through the centre of Piccadilly Circus, which is full to the brim of workers and tourists, past old Bucky palace and through the station and no one looks once let alone twice. I made the earlier train, just, and with sweat pouring off me I had to stand up most of the way which caused difficulty mentally and physically when it came to recovering from the run. Making my situation worse the train only come in 15 blooming minutes earlier than the later one!
On the plus side of things, I get some great pictures on my walk… which brings me onto another thing.. why do Londoners not care about selfies? If I see someone taking a selfie on their own I automatically chuckle like ‘what a gimp’ but so many people do it and no one cares… so I put it to the test. I took two selfies and NO ONE cared – to be honest people have probably got better things to do than look at a sweaty 19 year old thats probably lost in London take a selfie. (selfies below)

just me waving to liz

I was lucky enough to have a half day today which meant I could pop down to Summerset House to London Fashion Week, I went last year, so it would be rude not too go. As I walked through, I got asked if this lady could take a picture of me for fashion at London Fashion Week, well would be a bit weird if she wasn’t posting about fashion there but yano. So I put my posing to the ultimate test and I am now on their Instagram and Twitter pages tehehehehee exciting tehehehehe. – I think one lady thought I was actually important or something as she took a picture of me as well… I’m on a random persons phone now… possibly forever…hmm… not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway Jean-Pierre Braganza’s catwalk was great and the collection was incredible – watch out for blog up very soon about my favourite pieces.

How has your week been?

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