Staying healthy in London

I don’t know how those of you that do 8 hour days do it, it’s exhausting, I think I might stay a student my whole life. Actually to be fair to me, there isn’t many devoner’s (where I live) that have to commute and hour each way just to get to where they need to be! *insert some sarcastic comment from some smart pants*

I was really worrying that I wouldn’t keep up my fitness and healthy eating and turn into a slob – these are the sort of worries I have in life and I feel sorry for those of you that are missing out on this worry, it is one of the better worries to have.

Anyway, yeah, so I was really worried, with the long hours I was sure my body would start craving the crap and just want to sit around and do nothing…


Don’t ask me why, I dont know the real answer but I haven’t craved any crap and apart from a few weekend carbs and choc, my diet has been incredible, the best in a while. Shopping in Itsu or M&S for my lunch which include healthy salads with wholegrains and chicken has been great. BUT…even when i’m that starving and my stomach is eating it’s gut… I just don’t want the crap- amazing!

So, I buy my lunch out, but my snacks I take with me my usual diet is:

7:00: Scrambled egg or Oats
10:00: Fruit and Veg smoothie made fresh from the Nutribullet
1:30: Chicken Salad, or some kind of salad
4:00: Nuts/carrots
6:00: Rest of my nuts/carrots
8:00: Light dinner

As per usual exercise has stayed the front of my mind – must.keep.improving.

Although, I wont be toning due to lack of the gym, cardio wise and trying to keep on top of things is relatively easy. Every morning I get up at 6 (normally 6:30) and do a quick fasted jog a small set of circuits, this has ranged from lunges to push ups and crunches to planks. I don’t normally get home till 8:15pm so it’s normally eat and then bed, however, I have tried to squeeze in some abs before bed.

Instead of the tube, partly because I need to save money, I walk from Victoria to 33 Broadwick Street (the office) and back again every day, 1.8 miles each way – I even ran to the station Wednesday night just to get the earlier train. So, that, plus my exercise Im hoping I’m flying.

Here’s a tip for you office workers (if you work above ground floor that is) – take the stairs not the lift and take two steps at a time, clenching your bootay as you go. – simple glute workout.

Now, I know I said I didn’t know why, and to be honest I don’t BUT I do have some little tiny inckling on why i’m staying healthy:

A) You can’t really eat a mcdonalds and a dairy milk while working for a health magazine
B) Everyone else in the office is healthy and I’m already the newbie i don’t want anymore attention on myself.
C) London is so easy to find places that super healthy, yummy dishes. 

D) Summer’s on my mind

If this healthiness lasts is another thing but I’m proud of myself so far.

Check out what i’m wearing on my early morning runs too – the new SS15 Helly Hansen collection is perfect for layering in the cold morning but also lightweight for the summer and in the gym. I’ve been wearing it all for my 6am runs and then just the vest top and bottoms for my evening circuit training.

Shop here:



Training trousers

How are you guys getting on?

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