My Fitness Wishlist – March 2015

Here is My March Fitness Wishlist

Nike light up trousers 

They’ve been all over the internet but how cool would it be to actually own a pair… strolling round the gym all light up – I reckon I would get the PTs to turn the lights off just so every can get full benefit of see my light up trousers. Buy Here

The Zero Runner 

Incredible, simply incredible. You can get the same benefits as running without the impact on your body… no more shin splints!

The Body Coach’s 90 day shred  

image from: @thebodycoach

The meals are incredible, the workouts fat blasting and the transformations are insane, but money comes into this one… I just dont have the dollar… I think i’ll just stick to his #leanin15 instagram meals until I can afford it.

BKR water bottle 

Probably not very practical for a run or in the gym as they are glass but they are sick and such cool ‘skins’ to go on them too. Buy here

Yoga/ pilates Class 

image from:

I wish I could get into yoga or pilates… but I cant… it doesn’t feel like exercise or that it is doing anything because i’m not sweating my arse off and my heart isn’t trying to escape from my chest, but it’s so good for you and everyone at Women’s Health raves about it! As some of you know i’ve tried doing a 21 challenge and that is to become a frequent user at practising yoga… but it’s hard to stay motivated.


image from pinterest

Ok so i’m going off what the usual fitness wish list would be, yano, like ‘this pair of trainers etc’, but I have plenty of trainers and if I say I want more mum may have a fit… and anyway a wishlist can be anything you wish for right? And I wish for better abs. I don’t mean body builder abs, I just mean… get-rid-of-this-layer-of-fat-over-my-abs abs… get me?

More Leggings 

 I don’t care what anyone says a pair of decent gym leggings on makes you look in so much better shape than you are and even make unfit girls look toned… so I need more…

Coil hairbands 

image from amazon

People in the gym have them and they stop your hair kinking when you tie them up. So, in the mornings after a quick fasted run, I need something that wont put a kink in my hair, so when I do a body and face shower when I get home my hair is still ok! Bye Here

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