Changing perspective

For my close friends and family, they new this blog was coming eventually. For those of you that only see me through Vous Lavez, youll have no idea. You see I come across this ultra confident, get up and go, determined girl and although on a good day I am, when I have bad days I find it really hard to only keep them as a bad day. My bad days seem to last quite a while, by that I mean, weeks. 
If I have a rocky day it seems to take a while to pick myself up again to carry on because Im a worrier, a huge worrier. 

I worry about everything, whether Im doing the right exercise, enough exercise, whether my uni work is ok, whether ive done over 10,000 steps a day, whether Im blogging enough good content BLA BLBLA

I know, it bores me too and worries me oh Christ, yes as my dad and step mum say I worry about worrying. 
Anyway, so after a few weeks of being extremely naughty when it came to food and non motivated I sat down with my stepdad, who told me to work out why I do the things I do, to go back to the route of everything. Honestly, some of the best advice I have ever received. I sat down and thought why do I exercise? Why do I blog? Why do I eat healthy? Why am I at uni? The answers:
– I exercise because I feel amazing during and after it, I feel powerful and strong and being a huge lover of change, when I see my body change it makes me want to keep going. 

– I blog, because when I was first starting out had no one to help. I was all by myself and actually I just wanted someone to give me ideas that A) arent trying to get money out it B) isnt a complete body building machine.

– I eat healthy to fuel my body for my workouts and eating healthy makes me feel so much better.

– I go to uni to gain a degree in something Im interested in, in hope that will it set me up for a great career.
Simply by working out why I do the things I do, I was suddenly ready to start again, I had put myself back in the position of when I was in my best shape and when was my most motivated.
So, Tuesday morning I got up with the pledge to get back on track so far, so good, diet is good and Im training as much as I can in my circumstances (home late and no gym), which makes me mega excited to get home to crack on with a 6 week challenge (more on this to come). I start to worry (pahaa, ironic) about whether my motivation will drop. So I did a few things to help me:
– Made a calendar for when I what I will do each day regarding both fitness and exercise for the rest of the month.

– Wrote down everything I wanted to change and achieve (Exeters half marathon being one)

– Tried on lovely clothes on Oxford St, being unsatisfied in what I looked in them and how they fitted, simply gave me the motivation to get back. Also, noting what Im going to buy as a treat when Ive achieved my goals.

– Progress pictures. EwThe devils.

– Write a blog telling you guys about it, studies show if you tell people about your goals youre more likely to do them.
Stay tuned for more on my journey, workouts and recipes.

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