Healthy Intensions #1

It’s Monday, start of the week and the perfect time to get back on track after a heavy weekend.
So I thought I would give you my healthy intensions for the week:


Have a Smoothie day.

After a heavy weekend of eating and drinking – oops. Today, i’m still full from the weekend so up until my evening I’m going to have a smoothie/juice day.


Shock my abs
Heading to an ab attack class before my usual HIIT training will get my abs burning. Who’s with me?


ARGH i’m such a crap swimmer. I tried to go last week and failed and made my friend get out to go to the steam room within half hour, this week I’m determined. Swimming is a great calorie burner and is so much nicer on your joints that running.


10k run in help with my training for Exeter Half Marathon in October. If you can’t manage or don’t have the time for a 10k, why not try a quick fasted cardio jog? First thing in the morning for 20 mins? 


Make the right decisions
It’s bank holiday and like most people i’m going out on the evening, but I need to make sure not to make the whole day a right off. I can be healthy up till when we go out.


Hungover from the night before, rest and drink lots of smoothies to help restore my body.


Fasted Cardio
Sunday’s are normally my rest day, but with work at 12 and most probably a two day hangover, a quick fasted run to get me moving and ready for a busy day at work.
What are your healthy intensions this week?

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