Setting Goals

I’ve always found in order to tay motivated the best way is set goals, whether that’s daily, weekly or even yearly or even ‘summer’s coming’.

‘Summer’s comming’ makes me laugh so much, I’m guilty of it too, suddenly the fact that summer is coming we all go out and try and complete a marathon in hope we’ll feel comfortable in our bikini and then we are gutted that is doesn’t work. 
It’s so important to make realistic goals. Instead of weight loss goals which are sometimes disheartening, a fitness goal may be better – why not try aim to run 5k in one month? 
By trying to complete this you’ll have to go out and train, meaning you’ll exercise more which will help burn fat and calories. Match that with eating clean and it will fall off. 
My goals are slightly different this year, last year ‘get skinny’… this year from being more educated on everything it’s slightly more specific. 

– Be more flexible.

 Running and being in the gym constantly and being guilty of not paying lots of attention to stretching, I’m as flexible steel… well not quite but you know. So i’m going to focus a lot more on stretching and trying yoga.

– Get as many vital nutrients I can.

 Regular readers will know that I’m a sucker for a veg smoothie and when Nutri-advanced got in contact with me asking to try out some products I was so excited. Multi-vitamins and a superfood powder are 100% helping me. Taking my mulit-vitamin with a pit of water as soon as I wake up and adding a scoop of super food powder to my smoothie, i’m all vitamin’d up!

– Maintain energy and don’t crash. 

Again nutri-advanced sent me a great product for energy, high in essentials vitamins and nutrients getting up at 6 o’clock for my morning run or getting through my 4 o’clock slump has become a whole lot easier after i’ve had one these.

– Stop bingeing 

My biggest down fall is a binge. A cheat day can turn into calories consumed for what should be a week… i’m talking not just the one chocolate bar but 6…. not even exaggerating… honestly. I need to find the happy medium, I was glad I managed to keep my bingeing under control yesterday. After a 10k charity run I came home to a lovely roast, I would normally binge so much I have to role into bed but I DIDN’T … can I hear WOOP WOOP?

You can buy the products I’m using @

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