Yoo-hoo Big summer Workout #Arms

Lifting weights makes you manly. If you train arms you’ll get massive. Massive smassive. It’s a load of rubbish, in fact training your arms will get rid of those bingo wings and add definition and shape to your arms.

It’s really important that if you train biceps you also train triceps (back and front of your arms) in one session because well we want to keep you even!


With a weight that challenges you, but you’re still able to finish the set. Just. Slowly bring a dumbbell from your thighs up to your shoulders and back down again. It’s important to keep this movement controlled and not to swing.


Holding the dumbbell at 90 degrees slowly pulse the weight.


I find it best to get a block for this, with your leg bent in front of you, put your bands on the block and slowly lower yourself down creating a 90 degree angle at the elbow. Repeat.


Holding a dumbbell above your head with your arms straight, lower the weight and forearms towards the back and rise again. Repeat.
For me, if i’m training arms I have to have a decent song on to keep going which is why I love body pump. A whole body workout with music that goes with the workout is literally my dream. 
When i’m in the dream i’m absolutely obsessed with the Ministry of Sound – I Love House.
It doesn’t help that it makes me want to go out but it definitely keeps me going.

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