Need inspiration and motivation?

Us girly brits may not have heard much of Michael McCastle but if you’re lacking motivation and need to get inspired I recommend you keep reading. This is a slightly longer blog that usual but I just couldn’t cut anything out of what Michael told me, pure motivational genius and definitely an inspiration.

Michael, this Saturday, 16th May will be climbing a ROPE, the height of Mount Everest, 29,029 ft in order to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease. I’m a huge fan of all charity challenges and am partial to a half marathon for charity myself but what an incredible challenge. When I first found out what Michael was doing my competitive and fitness obsession came out in me… HOW THE F?! So I got in contact in hope he can help us achieve our slightly less insane goals and challenges: 

Was there anything in particular that made you get into fitness? 

-I think being involved in sports from an early age was a way for me to express my competitive drive and it satisfied a strong desire I had to push myself beyond my limits. Athletically, at best, I’m average. In order for me to excel, I have always needed to work that much harder than the next guy. Physical fitness was a necessity and it laid a foundation for who I am today. It has always been an integral part of my lifestyle. 
Hard work pays of girlies – don’t give up.

What are your top tips to staying in shape?

-Getting and staying in shape is a marathon, not a sprint. Shortcuts will lead you nowhere fast.  It  won’t always be fun or easy either.  It takes hard work, dedication, consistency and it starts with a commitment toward a goal. Everything I do, I do with 100% effort.  If the goals set before you aren’t worth 100% of your effort then they aren’t the right goals. 
The key is to visualize your future self, understand the sacrifices it will take to get there, and then execute a plan with focus and consistency. On the journey toward your ideal body, you will experience set-backs and failures. I can accept failure, what I cannot accept is minimal effort and not trying.
You have to get out of your comfort zone to become a healthier, better person. 
You have step outside your castle walls and do the things that you may not want to do or and what most aren’t willing to do.
Anything worth doing is worth overdoing and if you dedicate yourself 100% I promise it will be worth it and it won’t be a matter of “if” but “when” you see the physical representation of your hardwork in the mirror.

Those extra 10 squats just got easier right?

Is there anything you do to stay motivated?

 -I have always been self-motivated. I believe God has given me a gift and the tools to share it with the world, even before the foundation of the Earth. 
My motivation comes from the charitable causes I have dedicated myself to.  
Some days I wake up and I’m so sore or in so much pain that I consider taking a day off. That is when the little voice in my head says…”What is your problem Mike?!?
 Someone right now is out there suffering and you are thinking about sleeping in, eating like crap, having a drink, watching the game, and taking a day off?!?”
I usually have my hardest training sessions after that internal dialogue. 
I’m also motivated by the people around the world that I inspire, especially the younger boys and girls who see what I’m doing and realize that you don’t need much to be great or make a difference in this world. 
The amount of support and encouragement I have received over the last couple years is priceless and very motivating to me as well.

‘Everyday may not be a good day, but there is something good in every day’ – go get moving.


For both myself and a lot of my readers, diet is the hardest part. Any tips on staying focused in the nutrition side?

-Plan. Plan. Plan. We all tend to get busy at times, some more so than others and good nutrition often times takes a back seat to other priotities. But busy people don’t fail on purpose; they fail because they didn’t plan and lack structure.
 If you don’t plan and prepare your meals ahead of time, giving in to junk food becomes the easy way out. The key is to find balance with your everyday diet. Understanding the benefits of each food group, and the human body is essential to your overall progress and more importantly your mind. 
You must understand that everything you eat has a consequence on your body so the next time you dig to that burger because you didn’t pack a lunch, ask yourself, “is this getting me closer or further from my goal?”
You heard the man, go prep for tomorrow!

What made you take on such a huge challenge? 

People respond to Pain. Suffering is a universal feeling. So is love and compassion. 

If I can associate the perceived pain I go through during these extreme challenges with the battle that people suffering from illness or physical and mental disabilty endure on a daily basis, then the impact it leave on most people will be that much more profound than if I were to host a bake sale or wash some cars.
 I also want to send out the message that everyone is destined to be great at something and nothing is impossible with the right mindset.

Stay positive – you’re all beautiful. Including me, lol.

How has your training changed in order to get you ready for this challenge?

-This challenge differs from my previous ones in many ways but the core of it remains unchanged. I train at a high volume that only increases as the weeks progress then tapers down in the final days leading up to the event. I have found that after each event I do, 
 I take the lessons learned and immediately apply them toward my next endeavor in terms of training smarter and better balancing my nutrition and recovery without sacrificing intensity and the degree of fury required to successfully complete these challenges.
 If all else fails I know that my inner-dialogue and mindest will never allow to quit or fall short of my highest ability.
Constantly learning makes you great.

I’ll see you on the squat rack girls and meet you at that the beach for that 10k tomorrow morning with our new found motivation.
If you would like to donate or learn about Michael, you can do via this page:
Images from Michael McCastle Facebook page

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