Becky Adlington’s Top Tips

Yes, I was one of those hundreds of ladies that went to Befit and yes, seeing Becky Adlington was on the top of my Agenda.

You see, I’ve always been the sort of girl that’s obsessed with celebrities, I want to know how they look the way they do, where they get their clothes from and why on earth I wasn’t them. It’s only as I’ve got older that I’ve learnt that lots of money, personal trainers, stylists and of course the freebies all make them who they are and being in front of the camera all the time who wouldn’t want to look all glam 24/7… But this is where my love for Beccy came from.
From magazines, the Olympics, TV and the jungle, you see a gorgeous, down to earth woman that’s super strong, determined and successful – all of what I aim to be.
So as you can imagine I was really interested to see whether that this lovely Beccy we see around us, is just as lovely in real life… and HELL yeah she is. It made me love her even more, she’s an Olympic gold medalist and held a world record, yet is so humble and sweet. From listening to her question and answering, I worked out everything she was saying were simply incredible tips us girls can really do with. Here’s what I got from the question and answers:

– Pain is weakness leaving the body – her coach always told her this and I bloody love it! It’s so true that burn you get in your quads during squats… That’s you getting stronger and weakness leaving the body.

– Have a safe to keep naughty foods in – this made me laugh and is something I definitely need! Beccy and her husband Harry have a safe full of chocolate, he keeps hold of the key so she has to ask permission if she wants some.
– Constantly have a goal – Beccy was saying that as long as she has a goal she will stay focused and motivated. She had her wedding as a goal, and after the baby she has her friends wedding which she will use as a goal to make sure she feels comfortable in a dress.
Find out what you want to do and take it seriously – When she went to the common wealth games at a young age that was when she knew she wanted to be at the Olympics. She explained that when she knew swimming wasn’t just a hobbies for her that her whole attitude changed and it became her life. She wanted to achieve.
– It’s a good thing to be nervous – it shows you care about what you’re about to do,
– Know your body and listen to it – this is one I’m slowly beginning to have under control. Beccy explained that she normally just swims through being tired and having a cold but while being pregnant she has to calm down slightly as it isn’t just her she’s looking after now. At the age of 15 she developed glandular fever, it took her out of training for weeks but this was where she really had to learn to know her body.
Women should be seen just as successful as men, it’s not all about their looks – Beccy spoke about her love for going into schools and showing children her medals, she thinks this is really important that all athletes do this to teach children from a young age that sport is for women too.
– My favourite question that got asked was that if she could go back in time what would she tell herself?
‘ don’t take everyone’s opinions on board. Listen to your parents and those that matter to you, that love you and things like that. Don’t take to heart people’s opinions and to listen to my heart, what I like and what I don’t like and let myself come into my own a bit more.’
Amazing answer and something I will always keep reminding myself of this.

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