My Big Bad Boozey Bank Holiday Blow-out

You know when a little kid eats loads of sweets and is basically bouncing off the walls for a few hours? Well, similar happened to me but it lasted for a fews day. I’m not going to be like most bloggers and people into Fitness that make out they are perfect when it comes to diet and to be honest after a stressful and emotional few months, my god did I need to let of some steam.

Wednesday night everyone at uni decided on a night out… yes ok I admit it, I instigated it… a day before hand-in? Yeah why not. I Skipped gym, I drank lots and stole mushrooms off a guy’s plate at 4:30 in the morning. No biggy, everyone likes a night out.

I slept Thursday and get a text.. round 2? yeah why not. Skipped gym, got stupidly drunk, even got chips … which didn’t stay down. Oops sorry.

Went home Friday… and round 3 was happening. Before I knew it I was back in Plym. I had no control over my body anymore, if someone mentioned alcohol and dancing I was there. I didn’t sleep at all Friday night and had work Saturday night – again skipped gym and ate A LOT of crap.

Sunday I worked all day and then went out with my MUM and friends. It’s not as weird as it sounds, she’s actually quite cool Jane is. I’m hoping i’ll get extra brownie points for saying that about her… she might even stop marrying me off to randomers…. that is actually what happened Sunday night. A guy asked for my number, my mum said yes because she was drunk and my stepdad said yes because he supported Liverpool. The words ‘we’ll see you at the church tomorrow’ were even exchanged. I said yes… gave him the wrong number… couldn’t say no infront of everyone.. that’s just nasty.

Anyway i’m loosing track, basically i’ve had a week off training and eating anything close to the colour green and the only exercise was dancing while extremely intoxicated. Monday morning I genuinely felt poisoned… but it didn’t stop me going on Tuesday did it.

I felt like crap, was sleepy, exhausted and could cry on demand. My body was craving goodness and I hadn’t given it that… it was my own fault I felt like this. I started to crave for the gym again come Tuesday morning, but I still didn’t go. It was only Tuesday night that I realised not only did my body need the gym and good food but so did my mind. No word of a lie, at 4am Tuesday night I was lied awake with my friend running in her sleep having a nightmare and my brain going into overdrive about when i’m next going to the gym or a run… I was up for an hour and half. Wednesday, I knew it was time to go home for a run and to back away from those carbs.

Today I got up, scrambled egg-  green juice – sprints at the gym – chicken salad – protein, protein, protein and fats… Pip and Nut peanut butter is the one. It hasn’t even been 24 hours I feel like a different person… ask me to cry and nope I won’t be doing that… ask me to go out? Not tonight my friend. However, I am heading out Saturday and next Wednesday, just this time i’ll make better decisions the next day.

A green juice will sort my hangover not a big bowl of chips but hey it was fun… and thank god for muscle memory.

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