The Torbay Half

2 hours 4 minutes, 17 minutes slower than Plymouth’s but with slight added baggage. 
Minnie Mouse ran 13.2miles for a very special boy, Joseph. 
Being a regular sufferer of shin splints, I wasn’t overly surprised when I got them quite a bit through training but suffering with them with 6 days to go, certainly wasn’t my plan. I had no option but to take some time out. 
Taking a week off really worried me, I knew it was helping my skins but certainly not for preparing my muscles. My body is used to being in the gym 6 days a week and I had taken 3/4 days off with 13 miles to run on the Sunday, I was bored, my body confused and hitting panic mode.
Saturday, at work, I felt unprepared and lazy and it wasn’t until actual race day that I was hyped for it. 
Sunday, 6:30 am, Minnie was ready to smash it.
It didn’t take long after we arrived for the looks to start and the Newspaper’s to start approaching simply because why the heck was Minie Mouse in Paignton?
I had hoped for rain all week and it was only when my wish came true as soon as the gun went off, I truly thought I could do it. In so many layers, the rain cooled my burning body down.
By the second lap, the rain had stopped, I had lost one of my sport gels, the hills started to annoy me and my Spotify was playing up, I started to hate what I was doing. It was only when a lovely guy started running with me and we got chatting about why were both doing this. An inspirational bloke, 30 years of half marathons running to build more private rooms for young adults in Derriford hospital. Telling me about his lovely wife, her support and how we had been stuck in bed with sickness all week, took the hills off my mind and gave me that motivation I needed. He had been sick all week and was still here racing.
He was like my little guardian angel that day, I eventually ran on past him and when I reached the hills on the way back, guess who was right behind me. With a ‘Do it for Joseph’ and a smile, we both ran on. 
An absolute gem that really helped me when it got tough. 
I mustn’t forget the lovely crowds and children cheering Minnie on and asking where Mickey was – I told them Mickey was at home and that us girls simply do it better. 
The highlight was 100% pushing Joseph in his wheelchair over the finishing line, we will forget the fact I nearly crashed into the barrier, but you can see the finish line video on my Facebook – Vous L’avez.
The panic and freaking out about rest days were totally not needed and sounds strange but when I crossed the finish line I thought ‘oh shit I’m done! That was quick’ … So The Great West Run in October is a must I think… and maybe London Marathon when I turn 21?
Thank you to everyone that donated to ClIC Sargent and supported me – you absolute legends.

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