Turkey isn’t just for Christmas

If you follow my Instagram I posted a picture of my food prep the other week – turkey stir fry with stir-fried kale and spinach. Turkey is an incredible source of protein that is cheaper than chicken so is definitely my go-to meat and what’s amazing is that, like chicken, it can go with so many dishes.

The turkey stir fry is my fave, quick, cheap and too amazing to keep for myself so I thought I would share with you guys.


/ Lucy Bee coconut oil (I use Lucy Bee, but any coconut oil is fine)
/ 1 onion chopped
/ 1 chilli chopped
/ Turkey mince
/ Fajita Spice

Extra for stir fry, you can add any veg,
but I used:

/ 2 Peppers chopped
/ Mushrooms
/ Runner beans chopped
/ Tomatoes Chopped

For Kale and spinach side:

/ Kale
/ Spinach
/ Salt
/ Pepper


Using a wok or frying pan, heat the coconut oil and add the onions and chilli.
Cover the turkey mince in fajita spice and add to the pan.
Add the veg for your stir fry including a little bit of kale or spinach if you wish.
Keep stirring until fully cooked – add more fajita spice if you wanted I always do at this stage.

Once cooked move to a separate dish and meltdown more coconut oil.
Add the spinach and kale and coat in salt and pepper.
Serve with the turkey mince and enjoy.

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