Macro Madness

Move over calories, it’s all about the macros.

It’s time to forget counting the calories and start measuring your macros.
It seems the world has gone a bit nuts for macros, but it still has many like a rabbit in headlights, with the constant calculations and meanings, but turns out it isn’t all that scary.

Macros are your proteins, carbs and fats. Your body works at its best when your macros are on point, this means you’re eating the correct amount of macros. So a day full of honey popcorn probably isn’t best, even if it homemade. Damn.

The exact number of macros you need all depends on your height, weight, amount of physical activity and whether you’re looking to loose, maintain or gain weight.

When it comes to nutrition food prep is key and if that’s not hard enough, trying to weigh out macros appears to just add extra stress and hassle. Working out how many grams of protein and whether this breast of chicken takes me up to that amount I need for that day is definitely something I had to get used to.
HOWEVER, for those you of who fancy working out your macros and fancy joining the macro hype you can do and so easily by purchasing the macro food recipe book.
Daniel Wheeler and co-author Monica Bravo have got this book just perfect, an easy step by step guide to working out your own macros and then incredible recipes for you to follow, with guess, what… their macro count in them, so you can put your scales away as they’ve done the hard work for you.

You can purchase the macro recipe book here:

Follow me on Instagram – chloehodgkinson, to have a look at some of the recipes I will be creating this week as part of my macro count and food prep.

Happy Monday and Happy Cooking

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