Port Elliot Party

Ever been to a middle class, creative festival and got so drunk with your lecturers? I have. Ever seen a different side to the middle class when the sun goes down and the house music starts? I have. Want to experience it? Head to Port Elliot festival next year.
With tonnes of workshops, life talks, hippies and great bands playing, this was a festival I certainly wasn’t used to and you know what? I bloody loved it. 
At first I was slightly concerned with the amount for 6 years old Rupert’s, Harold’s (there was even an Arsenal) running around and the older couples, my first thought was … where the hell has uni brought me?
However, I ate my words and what a great experience, laying in the sun and drinking with your best mates and then dancing the whole night to Andrew Weatherall on the decks was incredible and if you think yourself as middle class you’ll fit right in and if you don’t but into art, music, fashion and literature I would 100% give it a try – especially if you have a family… it’s great for you guys.
Friday was so hot so I kept it cool with a vintage short dungarees and a simple black tee with vans, which although kept me cool gave me dodgy tan lines! You can get similar in most vintage shops and I believe Urban Outfitters are doing similar as well – Just like this one
Saturday was slightly more cloudy so my grey Topshop jersey dress kept me cool and my colourful jumper kept me warm and standing out. Unfortunately the jumper is from a market in Shoreditch that I got back when I was working at Women’s Health Magazine, but if you want to similar you may as well head in that direction as I’m sure you won’t have to look hard to find one similar! 
Keep your eyes out for Thursday’s post – how to cope the week after a festival.

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