The Week after a Festival

Grouchy, tired, bloated and miserable… I was suffering from the festival comedown. I had drank so much and eaten more than ever, I’m sure at one point I was eating a bag of popcorn in record time. Bingeing has always been a problem of mine, when I’m having a weekend away or off training, all food morals and everything I’ve learnt over the past two years go out of the window, which is something I’m trying to work on and this weekend I failed miserably. However, I’m trying to do the whole ‘lets not beat yourself up, move on from it’, but how exactly am I going to move on from it and bounce back from the festival comedown?


Water, water, water… oh, did I mention water? The genius stuff of H2o will give your body everything it’s craving, hydration. Late nights, endless amounts of alcohol, the sun and salty junk food leaves your body gagging for water. 
Herbal teas. The gods. Packed with antioxidants and many with anti-inflammatory properties, fill yourself up on these beauties to nourish your body again. Psst, you might benefit from the added caffeine when you’re back to work. 
Smoothiessssss. Wow, when I drink my green juice, I literally feel like I’m drinking the word ‘healthy’. Packed full with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals we’ve all avoided over the weekend. Psst, always make them yourself or go to a smoothie bar, you know how to avoid added sugar that way.
AVOID hair of the dog and put that Bloody Mary down! All it does to you is add the toxins back to your liver which stops the hangover feeling.


…. like our ancestors. It’s quite odd, but I have a bit of an obsession with trying to eat like a caveman. My theory is, we wouldn’t be here today without them, so they must have been doing some right?

Fruit and Veg are always going to be up there to make you feel better, like smoothies they are full with complete goodness. Choose fruit when you’re craving sugar which you’re likely going to do – simple carbs (flour), sweets and alcohol all turn into sugar when entering your body and as a drug itself it will just leaving you wanting more.
Oh and get probiotics down you… you’re gut will thank you.


I bloody love exercise anyway and always feel a bit lost when after 4 days I haven’t done any (apart from the press up challenge I got given after a few too many).
From all the excess carbs, fasted cardio was the way forward and as someone that builds muscle quickly I avoid weight training for a few days and up the cardio. 5k fasted run and I felt fine, wasn’t slacking or anything – I’m guessing that’s my body using up all the carbs I used?


Early nights, early rises. Get to bed early and getting in 9 hours is essential when we’ve been living off 3 hours sleep a night on a floor in a wet tent with other drunk, smelly people. 


Getting back to normality is essential, trying to stay in a routine and preparing your meals will give you something to focus on – oh and don’t forget to add all your pictures to Facebook, avoid the dodgy album names, ‘house every weekend’ is unacceptable but ensure to tag every single person in all the pictures so it’s on everyone’s newsfeed for a good couple of days while you’re getting over the fact you’re not there anymore – because why should you be the only one feeling shit right?

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