Sunny Side Up

Meet Ralphy. A Ralph Lauren vintage shirt made into a dress… amaze ey. I wish I could say that I was the one that made it but really I picked up this summer piece from a Vintage shop in Shoreditch back in March but I haven’t had the time to blog it. 
I am a massive lover of anything baby blue and I love a dress I do. One off pieces are my fave, if you head over to my Instagram you can check out the multi-coloured jumper I managed to grab on the day I got this dress too, bloody warm, bloody bright and bloody brilliant. I tend to wear these bright pieces depending on my mood, some days you’ll see me in all black, yano, to send a warning that today I’m a witch. I’m joking but on a summer day I do tend to dress in more bright pieces and maybe slightly odd pieces… if you seen the vine with the Crocs?
then this tends to happen to me often, not with Crocs may I add, but I tend to own quite a few way out pieces that a lot of my friends are unsure how they even got past the design department without the fashion police sending them down.
My most recent amazing purchase is a bag I bought while out here in Spain (oh, i’m in Spain if you didn’t know) – you can check this on my Instagram – chlohodgkinson. 
Add my snapchat – chloehodgkinson for more on my holiday.
Anyway, i’m off to enjoy the Spain sunset and a BBQ… just to rub it in. 

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