The Paleo People

Paleo has taken the fitness industry by storm and eating like our ancestors has become more popular than ever before but like many, I spent a lot of the time feeling very vague about what paleo actually entails.
If you follow me on Instagram (@chlohodgkinson) you would have seen Samba in the sun with the Paleo from A to Z book a few weeks ago and over the past few weeks I’ve spent my holiday and quiet times at work being nose first into this book. Written by Darryl Edwards, an international speaker and a definite expect on the paleo lifestyle this little genius has written a dictionary-like book for everything you need to know about the paleo diet.
What is a calorie? What’s the connection with cancer and paleo? How does mindfulness play a role?
You name it this book can answer it, well when it comes to paleo that is, don’t try find out who the first man on the moon was.
Personally, I try to live as paleo as possible especially when I’m training hard. Fruit, nuts, veggies and meat and eggs are what builds the main part of my diet. However, my biggest challenge is how to keep the cravings and binges at weekends under control. I’m still young and love to go out and have a few drinks which my body seems to be able to cope with but what it doesn’t cope well with is excess carbs and processed food which is my biggest battle when I’m hungover on a Sunday morning. But if there is anything that’ll keep you motivated to stay clean on a hangover it’ll be this book.
This week I’ve taken the week off training hard. I’ve had an ear infection so a rest was advised, but my diet has been shocking, not by eating junk food  but in a not eating at all way.
Feeling queasy all week, my stomach has growled at me all day everyday but I just haven’t been able to eat, so I may have lost my holiday weight but not in a good way – bring on Monday when I should be back in full health, back training and embracing Paleo like it’s never been embraced before.

Hope you’ve all had a great week, trained hard so you can party harder on this mega messy bank holiday and if you fancy giving paleo a go you can get this book Amazon and for more on Darryl Edwards you can read his blogs on Fitness Explorer.

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