Fashion at Freshers

With over 3 months off, I’ve finally started the second year completely buzzing. I’ve worked lots, spent lots and created lots of memories. However, I’m an organiser that although enjoys spontaneous trips out, if you give me a routine to follow, you’re a God. A 7 am run followed by walking to uni with my lunch I prepared last night knowing exactly what I’m doing at the gym later and what time I’m meeting the girls for drinks is a good day for me- sad I know.

I’ve been out of routine properly since I left my job and gym at home and moved down to Uni. I haven’t been working out properly for a while now and my body is crying to see a treadmill. Who cries for a treadmill?  However, it’s good news, today my daily routine returned as I started back at uni and my new gym opens on Wednesday (Puregym).

Freshers week took off with a bang in Plymouth and living right next to a bar open till 6 am, I heard it all even when I wasn’t on a night out because who needs sleep. Dodging between starting a new small job, meeting the freshers and going out I managed to get a few snaps of my outfits.

Monday we went out casually at the SU and watching This Is England 90′ the night before I thought I adapted the 90’s kid look quite well.
Top – New Look
Jeans – Topshop 
Adidas originals – Office

Tuesday I popped into uni to meet the Freshers, I hadn’t worn my red originals for a while so thought I would chuck these on with my big, chunky dress to keep me warm in cloudy Plym.
Dress – Monki @ Asos
Adidas originals –

Tuesday evening was the Icebreaker night at Oceana. Having missed freshers when I actually was a fresher we all felt the need to actually attend one proper event. We arrived it was too busy and left, simple.
I was happy this jumpsuit finally got worn, I brought it back in June time and never got round to wearing it so I finally feel I have my money worth. This jumpsuit is still availble.
Jumpsuit –
Shoes – Newlook

Thursday was home time for a friend’s birthday meal. I actually added burgundy lace-up heels to this outfit as being girly was something I fancied that night (doesn’t happen often but it does happen).
but for the picture the originals are out again, I got a bit obsessed with them this freshers week.
Skirt – H&M
Top – New Look
Jacket – H&M
Adidas originals – Office
It wouldn’t be a post by me if I didn’t speak about health or food so I present you my first breakfast in a student house. Poached eggs, mushrooms and spinach with a little ketchup.
For those of you that know me, I love eggs. I literally am an egg. I love them so much and pledged this year at uni that I would experiment with different recipes.. so if you like eggs, watch this space.
Oh and you’ll be seeing a lot more posts now I’m back into my silly little routine.

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