Choosing happiness

As I sit here watching Hungry for change on Netflix, it’s quite clear that after being back in the gym I’ve got my buzz for nutrition back. I’ve found myself back on Women’s Health website everyday and re-reading last months issue. Although the food and fitness facts interested me, a few days ago there was one article online that I loved.

Drew Barrymore has said that it’s taken her 20 years to realise you chose to be happy?
The more I thought about it the more I realised the truth behind it.
I feel like most Brits, me included, can be so negative about everything. 
Work is rubbish, your house a mess, school is boring and your friends bitchy. 
Do you know what I found interesting when I asked a few people about choosing happiness, I simply got responses that resembled the fact they have nothing to be happy about? 
Yeah, I can actually feel where they are coming from, last year I felt the exact same I moaned about everything and hated everyone, I was honestly miserable. I channelled all my energy into the gym as that felt like my only escape.
However, I noticed what was making me unhappy and it was a challenge but I eventually elimated them. 
Now, I can honestly say I’m happy. 
I thought it was just ‘because’ like, you are happy just ‘because’ but actually you do choose to be happy and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, without even realising it. 
If I feel fat and slobby, I head to the gym. If I want a hug from my mum, I go home. I choose to wake up and be happy.
Everything I do is a choice.
So, I challenge you, even if you are doing Stoptober or another challenge that you join me this October to try to choose to be happy because I guarantee it will be the happiest challenge you do.
So, here’s to the second year at uni, your great job, family and friends.
Become mindful in everything you do and make the best out of every situation.
photography: Mille Bennett

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