Chlo’s new challenge

Oh here we go, yeah it’s me setting myself yet another challenge. But before you all get on your high horse, this one is a genuine challenge, with genuine PTs and all that Jazz.

I introduce you to, Rhea Gayle, a 4x 1m British Diving champion and my new PT. *Smug face*

After lots of thought, joining the new gym and starting my second year, I’m in the best place mentally so thought why don’t I push myself and document it on here… and the world of Vlogs.
I’ve been so scared of vlogs but after working with the film students this year… I’m kind of excited to start, so watch this space.

Anyway, back to the 8 Week Challenge…

– PT sessions with Rhea
– Strict diet
– Hard exercise/ 6 times a week
– Strong discipline
– Lots of blog posts
– 1 cheat meal a week

After my consultation, my measurements and filling in the forms signing my life to Rhea for the next 8 weeks, my first PT is Friday and my challenge started yesterday.

Yesterday consisted of:

30 mins cycle – 15 glute work – 15 min abs – 5 min cooldown. 

Coffee – two eggs – orange – 4 egg white omelette – apple & peanut butter – chicken stir fry.

I’m not too impressed with my diet, I hadn’t prepped which is the biggest school girl error … but today’s a new day.

My aim: To cut fat and tone up while giving myself extra knowledge to keep up the training after.

Here’s to the next 8 weeks.

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