The Suffering of A Weekend Warrior

4 weeks down and I’m heading face first into week 5. 
It’s Monday and, of course, my motivation is at it’s highest because you can’t start something new unless it’s a Monday, everyone knows that.
All in all the challenge has gone great so far, I’ve lost 3% body fat, made a true friend in my PT Rhea and gained strength. All sounds great, right? Not quite…
I’m what I like to call a weekend warrior. All rules go out of the window as soon as I’ve finished Saturday morning’s workout. The simple carbs are back and that chicken with the salad? Yeah, you can keep that for yourself ta.
I don’t know why but what I do know is I certainly cant control it. The sugar cravings I had managed to kick throughout the week were back and I find myself demolishing a share bag, which can I just say is no sharing size, of giant buttons within 5 minutes. I eat everything in front of me without a thought of the abs that I have been working so hard for in the week.
Do you know what confuses me even more? As I’m shoving my Nandos down my throat (butterfly chicken with chips, if you were wondering) I sit there thinking ‘ I shouldn’t be doing this, I’m going to regret this so bad’ yet I never bloody stop!
I over eat then cry about it on Monday. I have little sleep, get lazy, then cry about it on Monday. I go out drinking, then cry about it on Monday (sometimes a two-day hangover is  often to blame for the crying). It’s a recurring problem most weekends.
So, I’m going into week 5 with the first 4 weekends that I overindulged behind me. If there is something I’ve learnt along the way is that every failure is a lesson. What have I gained from those weekends? Nothing, but I’ve certainly lost quite a bit of money and sanity and I can’t keep feeling like I’ve failed every Monday.
What my biggest downfall is, is that I only prep food Monday to Friday, which even I know is silly.
‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ 
So my aim for this week? Have a strong, healthy week like I normally do with it following into the weekend with mindful eating and maybe offering the buttons around.
Anyway rant over, have a great Monday night and enjoy I’m a celeb… I’ll let you know how I get on…
 But PLEASE, if you have any tips on how to beat the weekend binge then I would love to hear them, I’ll love you forever.

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