A tip for a healthy, happy Chrimbo #1

The 1st of December, the month my not so little brother turns 13, Santa comes and we all make those New years resolutions that no one ever really sticks to.

It’s also the time of year our healthy intentions hop on a plane out of here and that body or healthy mindset we’ve all been working towards gets filled with booze, chocolate, lack of money and presents leaving those January blues speeding down the runway knocking us back 10 feet.

So, this December me and my slightly strange family are working out ways to make sure this Christmas is the happiest and healthiest we’ve had and I’m going to share tips with you every week up till Jan.

Christmas is always the time of year I lose motivation, whether it’s in the gym, uni or work, I just do. I become lazy and what my step mum may call ‘a grumpy teenager’ … this year I’m not. So, tip 1 is follow the quote below.

I’m still trying to find something false about this quote, but I honestly can’t. It applies to everything in life, for me it’s a case of staying disciplined in the gym or regretting it. For others, my mum, for example, it’s about staying disciplined in work or regretting the business she could have done.
Now we’ve all just got to decide which pain to choose…..

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