Why I Waved Bye to Whey

It’s coming up to my 3rd year that I’ve been properly into fitness and it’s fair to say my body has changed a huge amount, I’ve gone from a cardio bunny to a bulking curry (it rhymed, I didn’t literally turn into a Korma) and round and round in circles.

When I first started I jumped on the protein hype, the boys did it so why can’t I. High protein diets had started coming onto the scene and I took it as my diet pill, holding protein shakes responsible for every inch of weight loss and every centimetre of muscle. 
Believing the spots on my face were hormonal and the spots on my back were down to sweat. I tried everything to get rid including a trip to the Doc, yet nothing worked. 
I was bloated and every time I drank my trusty shake I felt heavy and overly full, but that was simply because the protein is meant to fill me up right? Over time, I couldn’t stomach a shake before the gym and if I had one to close to bed my moaning gut would keep me up all night… but that’s just my body adapting surely?
A friend had recommended stopping the protein shakes as it really helped her but it felt like I was addicted to it. 
Convinced that any muscle I had would flake away and I would end up as a blob of unlean fatness laying on the floor crying out for a protein shake. I was convinced that those nourishing foods like spinach, chicken and broccoli would never give me the amount of protein I needed. I decided to switch to soy protein…which only made my spots worse.
It was only when I stopped the gym for a few weeks, that I cut protein competely as I felt my body didn’t need it as much if I wasn’t training.
Surprisingly, I lost weight… but it was muscle mass that I had lost. My skin started clearing up (which I assumed would have been from the week in the sun I had a few weeks before), my bloating gone down and my gut let me sleep at night. 
I moved out and got back in the gym and, of course, added my whey protein back in. 1 hour it took… one whole hour before my stomach and gut was churning, I was left feeling heavy and lethargic. The spots? That took 1 day.. the mountains were back & the blocked pores came for a long holiday. That’s when I knew shakes were a goner.

I’m now the leanest I’ve ever been, no spots at all on my back and my face has really cleared up all without the use of protein shakes. So, it turns out that matey clucking around the garden can give you enough protein after all and my trusty shake isn’t so great for my body.

I’m not saying this is what happens to everyone as there are thousands out there that love whey and it really compliments their diet helping them lose weight, get leaner & help gain muscle. Adding suppliments is always worth a go, but if you have any side effects it’s best to stop and not keep ploughing through like I did… I can’t even touch anything with the slightest bit of whey protein now else my stomach flares up.

You can see other common whey protein side effects here.

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