A Wet Day

Two shoots down, one presentation prepared, 8 gym sessions, one meal out and one very tired girl. I’ve had a manic first week but being someone that loves to keep busy I couldn’t be happier.

Considering it’s the first week back since Christmas, I couldn’t feel more productive and finally feel like I’m back on track with everything I’ve set out to achieve… Bare in mind this could only last a week and I may be having a bratty tantrum about how nothing goes right by Wednesday! Never the less this week has been good, I’ve lost tonnes of water weight which I was worried would be fat from Christmas & I’ve found out I’m going to London Fashion Week with uni. I’m a regular at London fashion weekend but this will be my first time to London fashion week itself… A few days in London win the Uni girls is always exciting and a night out in Shoreditch is definitely on the cards – be rude not to ey!

This outfit was perfect for the shite Plymouth weather and I’m definitely a girl of comfort. The jacket is really lightweight, which means it can be taken right though into the summer! Being lightweight it isn’t a great winter coat but I had layers on underneath to keep me warm adding the scarf (not real Burberry may I add.. Off some market stall in Camden I believe) for detail in which I did get told ‘that scarf isn’t going to keep you warm if you wear it like that’…
Underneath I kept it plan with all black, I wasn’t planning on taking my jacket off as I was constantly on the move this day so I let the jacket take all the credit.

Jacket – New Look
Hat – Urban Outfitters  (now in sale)
Jeans – Topshop
Trainers – Superga @ Schuh 
How was your first week back?

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