Staying Positive

Mindfulness is everywhere at the moment & I have to say I’m actually a fan. I’m not one to sit and meditate for 20 minutes but I do like reading about dealing with your thoughts & feelings. I’ve noticed recently that a lot of my motivation & discipline comes from positivity. I was constantly up and down when it came to staying positive and I got myself in a really good place only for it to fall again. Now, I attempt to stay aware of what’s going on around me , taking notice of whether I’ve  had a bad week and if so  what changed in my life. This is what I found affected me being positive:

– Not surrounding myself with the best people
This is probably the biggest one for me. Surrounding myself with the friends that are honest yet constructive, that have your back even when you’ve done wrong, that support not compete and don’t put that awful picture of you on Facebook. They share in your joy and don’t crow when you fail. They are the best type of people…
– Forgetting how far I’ve come
I was at my Dad’s just after my birthday & my step mum was telling me that on her 20th birthday she said to her mum ‘God, i’m 20 and I’ve done nothing with my life’ … to which her mum replied ‘ In 20 years, you’ve learnt to walk, talk, ride a bike, spell, get a job…’. I loved thinking of it like that, I know in some sense it’s very deep but now it’s nice to think if  I’ve had a bad week in the gym, for example, I can remind myself  how far I’ve come from my 15-year-old chubby self that thought only having 6 biscuits instead of 10 was being good.
– Letting someone’s mood effect mine
You get in from a busy day and a family member is in the worst mood. They are stomping around, shouting and banging things, most probably blaming the dinner being burnt on the fact you even breathe. When this happens I tend to bite back and cause a huge argument, then spend the rest of the night in a huge grump. I learnt from a mindfulness talk at the London Health show to remember that someone being in a bad mood or having a bad day is THEIR feeling & THEIR bad day: not yours. Let them have that feeling & not you…
– Finding purpose in every day
Whether it’s to eat better than the day before, do something nice for someone or simply walk the dog. Giving my day a purpose tends to help me to remember my self-worth and helps me to work harder.
– Beating myself up
Not literally giving myself a black eye, although, maybe that would stop me eating creme egg’s if I got black eye every time I did! But in all seriousness, this is something I’m trying to do to. I struggle with letting it go if I’ve had a bad week. If someone asks me if I’m alright in the gym my response is ‘i’m fat’ more often than not. However, I’m trying to remember to forgive and move on, tomorrow is a new day with a new purpose & nothing is ever going to be an easy ride.
So that’s what affects my positivity and although I’m far from being a constant Positive Polly, these are the things I’m definitely trying to work on. To end, I’m just going to leave you with one of my favourite quotes to have a think about…..
‘The two most important days in your life is the day you were born 
& the day you find out why….’ – Mark Twain

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