Top Picks / London Health Show

London… the centre of all new products coming onto the market & a place I really love.
Back in Jan, I got invited to the London Health show as press, grabbing my trusty camera and notebook, missing one train & spilling porridge down me, I made my way to Olympia stadium & had a great day of networking and trying out new products.

Here were my top picks from my day at the show & what you all definitely need to try:

The Carob tree, or otherwise known to my family as ‘The Sperm Tree’. These poo like fruity pods grow on tree’s in places like Austrailia, Italy and our family friends having one at their home in Spain. Having no idea what the tree was, it was soon declared ‘the sperm tree’ after someone said it apparently ‘smelt like sperm’… hmm. Anyway, on our holiday, we had absolutely no use for them apart from chucking them in a bucket as part of a game.
At the show, they caught my eye and I was so shocked I was like  ‘oh my god the poo bits from the sperm tree!’ Anyway, turns out they are fruit pods which are amazing for energy, with this brand boasting that their carob products are allergy-free. Turns out, the carob powder is often used as a substitute for chocolate in cakes, & it has Gallic acid which apparently works as an analgesic, anti-allergic, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral AND an antiseptic… so turns out the sperm tree is a supertree after all….

100% pure argan oil – this stuff I was a bit sceptical at first but I went, tried it and honestly it works. My hair is so soft and nowhere near as dry from all my dying. It helps with scars apparently too, that’s what I’ll try it on next! You can buy yours here….

Sorry what! Camel’s milk?! Full of nutrients and flavour, this stuff tastes good too, slightly saltier but really smooth and just like other milk. Not only tasty but also better for the environment, with the ratio of cows to camels 18,000:1, check out ‘Cowspiracy’ if you haven’t already to learn about how damaging cows really are. Read here for even more camel milk benefits… it’s more interesting that you may think.

The lords of the nut butter. I’m honestly obsessed with Pip & Nut with the almond butter and the peanut butter being my faves, I’m also partial to the coconut almond butter I must say. A nut butter with no sugar, no palm oil just pure nuts blended and made it’s a gooey amazing mess. I smother on top of rice cakes or just sit with a spoon in the jar. You can get yours and read more here

 A truly inspirational woman, Dr Barbara Mariposa holds no secret of the stressful life she has led and offers her expertise in mindfulness through courses. At the show, she gave us a small insight into what mindfulness means and where she has come from… a lady of pure mindful knowledge! See here…

Have you seen any interesting things on the market recently?

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