My Life / Who inspires me?

Happy international Women’s day, a day to celebrate how far we’ve come as a gender & celebrate all female bosses. It’s a day where the majority of us females will be thinking about who inspires us personally and who we are grateful for every day. Here’s who inspires me every day…

The Boss/ 

My mum. A full time working mum from day one who currently runs her own business. A lady of pure drive and determination to get what she wants out of a business. She’s juggled being a single mum to my brother and me with her work in the financial services & even after moving to Devon still drives to Kent and back in one day to see her clients. She’s a leader & if she wants something will go work hard for it. I’ve learnt so much from business and the importance of working hard from this woman & I hope one day I follow in her footsteps in becoming a female boss.

The Super Mum/

Two kids, a full-time job, a health lover & my step mum. What I find so amazing about step parents is they don’t have to love and care for you, they choose too. She hasn’t had to support me the way she does. This lady has taught me the importance of being healthy and happy and about prioritising time to make sure you and your family are exactly that. The creator of some of the most incredible healthy, homemade dishes, my step mum gives me inspiration to always cook from scratch, to nourish your body and love and accept yourself for who you are.

The PT/

The name Kayla Itsines is known throughout many households with her bikini body guides being taken on by thousands. Only 24 years old, she’s created not only a business but a whole movement of women wanting to get fitter and healthier from across the world. Proving strong is the new skinny.

The Fashion Icon/

Pandora Sykes, a stylist and fashion journalist who’s worked with the top dogs. Her style pushes limits exploring patterns and cuts in the most creative ways. Her out-there style showcases her confidence and ability to deserve a place in the industry. Her confidence, knowledge and creativeness are all something I aim for.

The Best Mate/

I haven’t mentioned her on here before & I’m not sure how she’ll take it but she’s not really just any best mate but more like a sister. Zo has changed me and sculpted me into a harder and stronger person, she’s probably the only person that doesn’t wind me up & if she does we have it out in a sister fight, with normally my mum having to tell us to shut up. Sounds silly but I’ve finally found out what it’s like to have a true best friend, I miss her if I don’t see her & share everything with her. Her family are like my second family & she’s loved by mine and I guess this is what it must feel like to a have a non-identical twin sister.

What women inspire you?

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