My Life / Healthy Intentions

The weeks of disappearing off to London & the illness has finally vanished, I’ve now got time to really focus on earning some money, working hard in the gym & saying no to those galaxy golden eggs. I mean, that’s when you’ve realised you’ve eaten too much, like when you actually go off creme eggs & ‘have’ to move onto something else…

So last week was my first week back, eating clean and training dirty & this week I’m determined to keep the fit train moving. Being someone that’s obsessed with organisation, setting goals have always been something that helps me stay focused… here is this week:


Ab-solutely ab attack
I ‘train’ abs quite a bit, I like the pain when I laugh the next day and I love the burn, it always makes me feel like I’m one step closer to that 6 pack. However, recently ab training has been half-hearted. This week I’m going to follow the HIIT max ab workout 1 – you can buy yours here.


Smooth up a smoothie
I’m such a bore when it comes to smoothies, I find one I can tolerate and that’s it, I stick to it. I’m going to try to be more adventurous… this is what i’m trying today 


Fasted cardio
‘Tomorrow I’ll get up and do fasted cardio early’ *turns the alarm on snooze*… if I’m not at uni, getting up for fasted cardio seems to be fine… sometimes. Recently, however, I’ve had a mare, I really enjoy fasted cardio (cardio before eating in the morning) but I just can’t seem to get myself out of bed on my day off! This week I will…


Get to bed early
I’m a sleeper, I can sleep anywhere and at any time. I can be catching flies within 10 minutes of the train leaving the station & on car journeys to London would be asleep before we even hit Exeter [15min drive from my house]. Although I can sleep anywhere, I need to still get to bed early, if I don’t  I can be miserable, honestly horrible [more than usual] & also crave food… 10:30 lights out. The Early bird catches the worm and all that…  women’s health gave us some sleep facts here


Stop bingeing
The end of the week, I’ve trained hard and eaten well & now uni is out for the weekend, sugar tends to be on the front of my mind. Not one chocolate bar will do, I tend to have 3 plus a bag of chocolate too. I’m a serial binge & although nearly kicked my habit of weekend bingeing, now my bingeing sometimes happens on a Friday, instead. Well, not this week….


Make it 3 weeks without drinking
Work have started putting me in for a Sunday shift, 10am-5pm. The perfect excuse for me not to go out on a Saturday night because no way will I get up and ready to work for 10. That feeling of waking up on a Sunday with no hangover & actually doing something with your day, is a feeling of pure bliss… it’s also a bit of a money saver.


Rest & Relax
I hate rest days, they are boring &, by the evening I feel fat. However, rest days stops me over training, which I do all the time, I then crash & crave crap. This week, I’m going to try and enjoy my rest day….

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