Cardio / What about it?

Cardio seems to be the most hated word in the gym, it could be because of those stereotypes, us girls that apparently never leave the cardio machines or that those roid-heads that never get on them but dare I say it, I’ve always been a big fan of cardio, whether it was back in the day of running 5k every morning or my daily Body Combat class, I’m what some might say, addicted to sweat. It’s no secret that cardio is great for the body, however, it tends to have this stigma attached to it that it’s horrible & boring … but here’s what I do…

Low steady state cardio, running at a constant speed for 40 minutes on the treadmill is an example. Not ideal for those of you that get bored easily but on the plus side, it can be performed by more or less anyone. Personally, being one that gets bored easily I don’t tend to do LISS often but I do find it a form of low-intensity recovery or fasted in the morning to get my body fat burning. If long distance running is your thing & you fancy a half marathon.. read this
/ Fasted [before breakfast] 40 minutes steady speed on the cross trainer. 
/ Recovery [on a rest day or if those legs are a bit sore] 40 minutes gentle job or incline walk.
/ Stair Master [a real sweaty mess at the end] 20 minutes level 10 [EXTRA BURN – try taking a double step or stepping up sideways]

My favourite. High-Intensity Interval training (sprints & rest, if you like). Making you work at your maximum for a short period of time and then resting. The Body Coach recommends that 20 minutes of HIIT daily is plenty, so perfect for those of you who get bored easily. HIIT workouts can be found all across the internet I love the HIIT MAX programme, suitable for all fitness levels. 
/ Treadmill [adjust levels depending on fitness level, ensure working at max] 20 minutes. 30 seconds sprint, 30-second rest X6. Low intensity for 2 minutes active rest. REPEAT exercise. X3
/ Bike [adjust levels depending on fitness level, ensure working at max.] 20 minutes. 20 seconds sprint, 10 seconds rest X6. Low intensity for 2 minutes active rest. REPEAT exercise X3.
/ See here for a HIIT workout
A mixture of aerobic & anaerobic exercises, most gyms have classes of circuit training, so you don’t have to make up the circuit yourself! Toning & burning to the maximum, while keeping time per exercise to a minimum – again, no chance of boredom here. Read my post about why circuit training could be for you…
/ Circuit training class with James Doolan @ Winners 2000.


A High energy martial arts style workout, toning the arms & getting your heart rate up, you can burn up to 750 calories & it’s so much fun! A complete WIN-WIN…I used to do this about 5X a week until I moved gyms. It’s definitely time for my return…
Body combat in a situation? Read my London working experience here

I DO: 
/ Hannah Broughton’s , Les Mills Body Combat Class @ Newton Abbot Leisure Centre  [Les Mills classes are available across the UK]

What’s your favourite cardio? Tweet me over at @chloehodgkinson 

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