Confessions of a Fitness Blogger / #1

OK, maybe not the worst. I’m sure there is worse than me, but I certainly couldn’t be described as good. People often mistake the fact that I cook a lot for that meaning that I’m good at it. I mean, if you like overcooked chicken [this happens more often than not], normally covered in too much chilli sauce with some broccoli, then sure I’m your type of girl. 
I’m not adventurous and when I try to follow recipes I get impatient & then moan that it doesn’t taste how it’s meant too. 
I tend to avoid cooking for people, simply because I eat whatever, it doesn’t really matter what it tastes like, I’ll probably still eat it, so whether I’ve got crispy salmon or dry chicken, I’m too lazy to start again, so just eat it. However, because of my lazy, boring, eat-whatever approach to cooking when I cook for others they are normally repulsed. I once made a ‘healthy flapjack’, my best mate Zoe nearly threw up and it was left in the Tupperware box for a good few weeks until I realised no one was going to eat it…
It’s when I go to my dad’s house which is where I get to try all the amazing, healthy snacks. My Stepmum is a great cook, that must follow the recipes because she makes some of the most incredible snacks from book likes Deliciously Ella & Get the Glow by Madeline shaw.
 [Follow me on Instagram, to see some of the foods I’ve tried when I visit]
Maybe in the words of Take That, I should have a little patience when it comes to my cooking.
Doubt I will though.

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