The Thoughts/ April

Please please bare with me, I apologise for how late this post is, I wanted to make sure I had really decent information for it but also, i’ll admit uni work did get the better of me! BUT… I finish on Tuesday & I couldn’t be happier to then start my internship & go on my holidays. My thoughts this month are sick, though, so check them out below: 


‘Nearly a third of us (29%) believe it’s acceptable to wear trainers to a funeral according to a new research project into the UK’s love of trainers by footwear protector Crep Protect. The survey found that one in ten of us (12%) has actually turned up to a funeral wearing trainers, and a further 17% would if the occasion arose.’ – so it’s time we all chuck out those dodgy winkle pickers or horrendous ‘dolly’ shoes. You can buy crep protect here.


The guys at weActiv found eye-opening statistics which revealed that almost half (47%) of adults said that if they went running now, the furthest they could manage would be just half a mile or less. And those who claimed to be able to run a mile, almost three in 10 said the last time they did so was more than a decade ago. – Joining a local running group or signing up for a race for life or similar is a great way to get you moving.


‘ constructed a study & found that those who live a lifestyle of junk food spend £7000 more on food than UK athletes. Bodybuilder Sebastian David, who once lived off £247 a week on junk food now lives on healthy foods and supplements costing him only £117 a week’
– although the chocolate bar may be cheaper now, maybe it’s time we think about the long run *inserts emoji with hand on his chin’


A study done by Emily E. Bernstein & Richard J. McNally found that participants who had completed 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise reported feeling less sadness by the end of their study, in comparison to individuals who had not exercised. –  I completely agree with this, if I’m having a bad day, a quick session at the gym or a run always sorts me out & helps me focus again.


If you follow me on Social Media you’ll know I went to Befit at the end of April – a women’s fitness festival & a great day out. I was stuffed full of free samples & all shopped out at the end of the day, but for those of you interested in fitness and health & finding new products and classes, BeFit really is for you. I’ll be going again next year, so holla if you are & we can meet up!

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