The Coffee Addict /

Here I am, convinced the only reason I’ve managed to write this post is because I’ve had my coffee this morning. I haven’t always been a coffee addict & although not living a stressful life, I am always busy therefore left feeling like I ‘need’ one.

My days are structured [to the minute if I could], I’ve always got something that needs doing. BUT me being busy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s productive, you’ll find me in the gym twice a day & then at the office I might take an hour to go through emails that should have taken me 10 minutes, but in my mad mind this is me being busy & coffee is my little buddy that keeps me sane. 
‘But first, coffee’ is just one of many references to how people can’t do focus or function without coffee. So, I wanted to find out what exactly is the deal with coffee, how does it keep us all going? Placebo or factual, I did a little research…
It releases Dopamine / 
All hail dopamine. Dopamine produces euphoria which releases feel-good hormones, similar to cocaine & ecstasy. So, we could be sharing a similar high as a drug addict. []
Your body became accustomed to just one coffee / 
After your first coffee, you are more attentive, however, you’re body soon becomes used to just one coffee & therefore you start needing more to get the same high you had from your first time. []
Coffee taps into more than one reward system / 
‘Coffee makes us feel so good because it is able to tap into virtually every reward system our brain has evolved. Hidden within that hot black silken elixir [technical ey] is a chemical that has taken over your brain by mimicking the actions of cocaine and marijuana.’ [Gary L. Wenk Ph. D. for]
So that’s fine, I now understand I’m basically a drug addict, my mum will be so proud. However, drugs are chucked out across the media as ‘lethal’ & ‘illegal’, so why isn’t coffee? What’s so good about it? 

 – It’s a natural pain killer 
– Lowers risk of heart disease
– Is a great pre workout
– Boost Memory
– Contain Antioxidants 
– Boosts metabolism 
– Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s/ diabetes/ Parkinsons
– Decrease chance of death [what a bonus] 
& that’s just some of many, but is there a time we should ditch our morning drug habit? 
[Yes] If you’re pregnant, have a heart condition or have caffeine deficiency then you should steer clear, go for decaf options instead.
  [research shows you can still get a buzz from a decaf coffee due to the placebo effect]

So, I might have stuff in common with drug addicts but at least I might not die just yet…..
What’s your fave coffee?

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