The thoughts / May

I’m currently sat in the bar [the only place for free wifi] in France, the weather isn’t as nice as home but it’s amazing what just some time away from your usual life can do for you. May was a rollercoaster of a month, finishing the second year of uni, booking Ibiza & going on holiday with my Dad, it was one of those months that you look back and think ‘wow, how did that all happen so fast?’

*note I’m probably going to get deep in this post as I’m currently drinking one of the strongest coffee’s I’ve ever had & coffee either makes me go mental or go deep  – Read what coffee does to you here*

‘I’d rather be fat & happy’ / 
This is something I hear a lot. The suggestion, that people like myself, who OK, I admit, do eat a lot of chicken & would put plans back just so I can go to the gym, are ‘unhappy’ & ‘insecure’. I wouldn’t go as far as it annoys me but it does put my back up. No one forces me to go to the gym or eat healthy, that’s a decision I made myself & one that has now developed into a lifestyle, it doesn’t mean I never eat rubbish [I guarantee I could eat everyone under the table] but it does help me keep my body running at optimum & any bad thoughts I have at bay. So please, next time you see someone eating just chicken and veg, please don’t assume they are miserable & boring [I actually bloody love it, esp. Fajita style, if you’re wondering].

Children learn from their parents / 
Implementing healthy eating to children is always going to be a challenge & is a subject that really does interest me. However, if there is something I have noticed during my endless amounts of people watching while in France is that your children are a mini you. If you eat endless amounts of rubbish, so will your children, if you’re uneducated in why we should eat healthy, your children will be too. When talking about the controversial subject of obesity, in my opinion, we need to tackle the parents behaviour before anything else, we can change the curriculum to teach children but the parents put the food in the cupboards at the end of the day.

You NEED to try 12 days of HIIT / 
During our time away, I’ve completed HIIT every day, my Step mum, who’s also into fitness showed me the ’12 days of Christmas workout’ [I changed it to HIIT]. Similar to the 12 days of Christmas song with the 5 golden rings etc, you change it to exercises [5 squat jumps] and go through the song doing the exercises [I have no idea if this is making sense soz]

Try this:

1. Run                                                      7. Jump Lunges
2. Burpees                                                8. V-Sit ups
3. Press ups                                              9. Ski Jumps
4. Jump Squats                                        10. Tricep Dips
5. Russian Twists                                     11. Star Jumps
6. Mountain Climbers                              12. Rolling Plank


Start with the run on its own
Then do 2 burpees & 1 run
Then, 3 press ups, 2 burpees & 1 run
Then 4 Jump Squats, 3 press ups, 2 burpees, 1 run
Then, 5 Russian Twists, 4 Jump Squats, 3 press ups, 2 burpees, 1 run
Repeat until you get all the way up to rolling plank & go back down in order! Does that make sense??

The Trainers that are horrifying Veggies & Vegans/ 
I’m all for different lifestyles & take my hat off to veggies & vegans, I couldn’t turn down meat but you have to laugh when a pair of TRAINERS are causing havoc. The trainers are horrendous anyway but what’s funny is that Nike has tried to avoid saying the sneakers are of ‘raw meat’ in a bid to try to stop the backlash but if you type in ‘meat’ on the Nike website, these shoes come up – amazingly hilar.

New Food Labels / 
Hallelujah! Food labels will soon state the amount of sugar added to foods & the serving size will now also be increased to what consumers actually deem as a serving size rather than what nutritionists say should be the serving size. Everyone can now become more sugar-savvy as they shop  & this makes me way more excited than it probably should.

Quote of the month/ 
‘Don’t use the past as an excuse to miss out on the future’ – Unknown

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