Talking About / The ‘C’ Word

‘Confidence’. Often referred to as ‘loves himself’ & often used as a term of insult or a ‘bad trait’. 
Confidence is a funny one & it’s very typically British to not show you are confident, just in case it comes across as up yourself or that you’re actually good at something. After being sat reading the book ‘understanding the English’ by Kate…. all day & working out when I should next post to Instagram, I quickly got to part of the book that explained how private & modest us Brits are [but not in a complimentative way, more of a ‘can’t show anyone I’m proud and confident’ kind of way]. We can’t take compliments & will always put ourselves down at any given opportunity: 
‘Oh I love your hair’
‘REALLY? Oh I hate it, I love your colour’ 
‘Oh no it needs doing again but yours looks so healthy’ 
‘Understanding The English says that this type of conversation goes on for a while because no one better just take the compliment else it will seem as they agree & you can’t agree!!! [CHRIST WE ARE COMPLICATED]
This got me thinking, I’m a huge social media geek & the internet is one of my favourite places but what interested me in the amount of hate those goes on from adding a picture to networks like Instagram. Last week, Lydia Millen, a top blogger had the PR from Jager comment on a bikini photo of Lydia saying ‘a butt as flat as a pancake’ or something along those lines. 
 Lydia is confident in her own body and after putting a picture on her OWN page she was given hate from another woman! In my opinion, this woman probably wasn’t aiming to hurt Lydia’s feelings about her body but it was more mocking Lydia’s confidence and self-love to make the supposed professional feel better about herself. 
I feel as if we live in a culture and age [as much as I love it, I am holding the internet partly responsible] that confidence & self-love is seen as gloating. 
/ If you love your body – you better not say it!
/ If you post a bikini selfie – ‘Why she trying to be sexy’ or body shaming happens in Lydia’s case.
/ If you’ve worked hard for a healthy strong body – you better not show it to people
/ If you enjoy going to the gym & eating healthy – ‘wow you’re boring’ or ‘give it a rest & go eat a cake’ 
/ If you’re very active on social media platforms – ‘Oh they want to be famous’ 
With the likes of Women’s Health magazine, bloggers & the general rise in the trend of health & fitness we are told to love our bodies & shout about loving our bodies yet I still feel as though we are dominated by this very British thing of staying private & not wanting to big ourselves up. 
I’m still unsure on how we tackle this but to start I’m going to say you’re going to get hate in everything you do, so you might as well get hate about something you love doing [less likely to stop if you love it].
So keep posting those selfies & keep celebrating your fabulousness – if people don’t like it there is always an unfollow button they can use & also a block button you can use*
* I strongly believe there is a block button in general life too, I have used it quite a few times. 
Keep doing what you’re doing, stay on your path & don’t worry what others think.
Love Chlo 

p.s Head to my Instagram @chlohodgkinson – i’ve just posted a bikini pic, *brattish tone* AND I DONT CARE *tongue face*

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