The Thoughts / June

WHAT THE HELL! HOW ARE WE IN JULY ALREADY?!!?! – oh & why don’t I have a 6 pac yet?! [don’t answer that, I know the answer – I go out too much & eat to much shit *crying face*]

Well, hello summer [kinda]. Honestly, I’m so shocked in July & I’m looking back at the month I’ve just had – currazzzy. Anyway… June’s thoughts? Here you are:

Holidays / 

Great little things aren’t they! I’ve just finished 2/3 of my holiday’s this year [my mum told me to ‘live while I’m young’, so blame her] & had such a great time. Relaxing with my best mate, drinking & eating great food & getting the best tan I’ve ever had I think?! However, one thing that really stood out for this holiday was my need to work. In recent weeks, I’d lost my mojo [blog post to follow] but on this holiday, IT’S COME BACK! YAY!
It has meant I’ve got more restless than usual but I’ve spent my time on the sunbeds researching & thinking of new ideas to do for this blog and I’ve just had a real eager to work – now I just hope I can keep this work ethic up! [pray for me]

Declutter your kitchen / 

Wansink et al (2006), found that those who live in a cluttered kitchen are more likely to eat indulgent snacks. Participants with a cluttered kitchen ate twice as many cookies than those with clean & organised kitchens. Link

Ketosis Diet / 

I’ve seen this diet a lot more recently – High fats, proteins & no carbs – I need to read up on it more but when I’m back from Ibiza, I might give this one a go [watch this space].

Food Revolution / 

I’m now a food revolution ambassador. Food Revolution Day was set up my Jamie Oliver in 2010 as a campaign to fight against obesity & encourage people to cook from fresh more – I can’t say much more than that yet but yet again, watch this space [basically, just never leave this my page]

Switching off your full hormone / 

Did you know that overeating can switch off your ‘full’ hormone?! Ever heard of the hormone uroguanylin? Na me neither.. but this is the hormone that tells your brain to stop eating. Apparently, over eating stops the production of uroguanylin [copy & pasted that word, no way can I spell that & even trying to copy it hurts my eyes] therefore not letting your brain know you’ve had enough! That explains why I can destroy a Chinese & go to Tesco for ice cream and chocolate [don’t tell anyone I can do that, a secret talent you see]. Link 

That’s that for another month … cyaaaaa
love chlo xxx

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