Top Tips / Staying on track

It’s normal & we’ve all done it. 
Slipping off the healthy eating wagon is so common but it’s absolutely OK to have a treat & to even binge once in a while! We’ve just got to remember to not let a bad day turn into a bad week, or just completely stopping altogether. I fall off so often that sometimes I feel like I’m off more than I am on but oh well… 
I’m working on it ok! *hides face*

Remember why you started /

With anything, it’s so important to remember why you started. Ask yourself what & why over & over until you find those deep routed reasons – if you find those reasons again you’re bound to get back on track.

Surround yourself with like-minded people/

Being surrounded by people telling you ‘you don’t need to lose weight’ or ‘dunno why you’re doing that’ or ‘don’t be boring’ or that are munching down a whole pack of hobnobs right in front of your face are not the type that will help you stay on track. I’m not suggesting to ditch all your mates and go and find gym bunnies to hang around with, but if you’re having a day where you lack motivation, try and control some factors like who you are with. If you’re lunching with a mate that always encourages for a desert even those yesterday you had a slight binge? Reschedule or explain your situation before you make 1 bad day into 2.

Read about the people that inspire me here.

Clear out the cupboards /

Stock your kitchen with foods that will nourish you & that your body needs. Chucking out all the choccie & Doritos will stop the temptation – out of sight, out of mind as they say!

Drink sh*t loads of water /

Your body might trick you into thinking your hungry when actually you’re thirsty. I carry a 2L bottle with me everywhere and fill it up when I can – the fact I have to carry it around is enough to encourage me to drink it as it gets lighter the more I drink!

Drinking water will help you shed water weight too – read here.

Keep food interesting /

Add different spices & herbs or try a new way of cooking your meals to keep them interesting & don’t miss out on food groups *hangs head in shame* (I’m still working on this whole idea that carbs aren’t always the bad guy)

Don’t dwell on the past /

I’m a sucker for this, I always think ‘oh if I didn’t eat that yesterday I would prob be like this in a week’ – it’s happened, forget & move on and stay focused for the rest of the week.

Mindful Shopping /

Shops are clever in the sense they put the things you buy often at the back of the shop & chocolate by the tills as it’s the last place you go – therefore more likely to buy chocolate as you walk past it, which is great for the shop but not so great for our waistlines!! If your cravings are too much to handle, compromise, tell yourself you’re allowed a treat after the gym or buy something small like a Fredo to help curb those cravings *thinks about another writing blog post about challenging your monkey*

Focus on your own goals /

& stay positive. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or what other people say, it’s your life & your goals. When playing video games you know you have to complete level 8 before getting to level 20 right? It’s the same with goals, everyone is different & playing their own video game.. concentrate on completing yours.

Read this post all about positivity. 

Remember, It’s OK to fall off your path sometimes
love Chlo xxx

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