Top Tips / A Healthier Holiday

We all need a break & time to enjoy good food and drinks but if you’re worried about undoing all your hard work during your holiday break then here are some of my top tips for having a slighty healthier holiday than usual – I mean it’s not going to completely healthy surely? Unless you’re on a fitness retreat I guess….


Here he is again, our little mate HIIT! But honestly, HIIT can be done anywhere and anytime & it’s over and done with before you can convince yourself to stop anyway! I take my skipping rope away with me for HIIT too, but if you don’t have enough room in your case…Try this:

Jump Squats
Mountain Climbers
Star Jumps

30 seconds on 30 seconds off – repeat X5

OR Swim / 

Swimming is crazy good exercise! No pressure on your joints, but it does take a bit of practise mind – I’m useless at swimming but completed 50 lengths on my last day in Spain instead of HIIT – anything is better than nothing ey..

Breakfast / 

If you’re somewhere sunny there really is nothing better than fresh fruit & yoghurt in my opinion. The temptation might be to get out in the sun first thing but try not to ditch the brekkie all together … oh try and avoid endless amounts of toast & full English’s [esp if you’re in an all inclusive – choose wisely]

Hydrate /

Shock I’m talking about water again .. for the sake of my regular readers I’m not even going to go into much detail – just DRINK MORE WATER.

Drink Smart / 

A drink in the sun in front of your mind? That’s fine & you won’t be the first or last to love a drink in the sun [I swear the sun forces me to drink more alcohol] – choose wisely, a Vodka [double if you like], lime & soda will slash the amount of sugar your having compared to it’s sugary mates the cocktails.

Compromise / 

Know it’s going to be a heavy night of amazing food & drink? Go steady throughout the day OR just make sure you get your workout in. Whatever fits you as a compromise to your goals & your holiday enjoyment.

Plan for the week you’re home / 

Holiday’s get me so motivated to get to work/blogging/uni etc. I use my time on the sunbeds planning my week and my life. What I want & Why I want it [shock talking about that again] & really focusing back on my goals – I carry a notebook everywhere I go, just in case I think of something too.

& Reflect / 

As well as planning my week ahead, I take time to reflect. Look at how far i’ve come or where i’ve made mistakes. I’m currently on my last day in Spain & i’m going to write a post about how I lost my mojo & found it again! Yipeee! – so watch this space.

Suncream / 

Don’t be a fool – Protect dat skinnnn

Enjoy & Relax /

& lastly, just bloody relax & have a great time. If you’re like me, the when you’re at home you spend a lot of time worrying about things and being stressed. This is your time to chill, enjoy & rest & repair.

If you’re going away this summer,  comment below & tell me where you’re off too!
Oh & have the most amazing time
love Chlo xxxx

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