The Thoughts / July

August..  the English ‘summer holidays’ begins & the kids catch all the Pokemon… 
A Holiday doesn’t have to delete your progress / 
If a huge binge & blow out is what you normally do on holiday, you might find these tips on how to have a healthier holiday useful… Read it here!
A Break is sometimes exactly what you need /

I packed my gym kit to Ibiza & my trusty skipping rope and didn’t even take any of it out of the suitcase. In fact, I don’t think I even looked at it for the whole week. I never felt like I needed more of a break, I had at least 2 naps every day & one night I even went up to the dinner buffet 6 times – i’m not even remotely sorry and it felt bloody great. It allowed me to recharge and refocus & sometimes that’s exactly what you need. 
The Power of Facebook / 

I recently sent out a request asking some parents of young girls to complete a questionnaire & the response was hugeeee! Not only did I get a lot of responses, the responses were so detailed. It makes me so excited to get back to uni to tackle 3rd year.
Supplements could be causing you harm / 
It’s come out in the news that the supplements you take might not be as healthy as we all think they are! Supplements including vitamins & probiotics do not have to be FDA approval. Studies & articles have now come out that there are concerns that supplements could contain ingredients that could cause you health problems, it is believed there are 15 you should watch out for… eeeeeek scary *puts lock on vitamin cupboard* article here
The Fitbit / 

I used to have the Fitbit Charge & lost it *hides face* & back for my Birthday in January my mum gave me the money to by the new FitBit Blaze when it would come in March… March came and went as did the other months & finally on my pay-check this July I purchased the Fitbit Blaze & I couldn’t be happier.. so far anyway! I’ll be doing a full review on the Fitbit Blaze soon!
Broga / 
like wtf is this all about? This is apparently the new fitness craze hitting America … yoga for blokes? I didn’t realise there yoga was strictly female only but read this …
‘Founder Roberti Sidoti says there are even man-only retreats for guys who fear the allure of women wearing pants may distract from their yogic journey.’ 
What did you get up to in July?
Chlo xx

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