Confessions of a Fitness Blogger / #3

My biggest passion to is to get every young girl excited about fitness & loving their body. Back in June I went down to pure gym to train & wearing a sports bra and leggings I was feeling strong and lean. There was about 2 others & me as the only females in the gym so although I’m a regular gym-goer & confident in the gym environment I felt uncomfortable & patronised by the big hefty ‘roid’ heads that joined me. 
One of the girls by me on the mats, was curvy & strong. She was able to lift a lot more than me and I  couldn’t keep my eyes off how strong she was. I started to notice her looking at me, a small white girl with a love of cardio means I have a smaller frame & then back at her own stomach (lifting her top to look in the mirror) then looking at me again. 
I have no idea how that girl was feeling at the time but it made me realise how different everyone’s bodies were. I looked at myself in the mirror, yeah I’ve worked bloody hard to feel comfortable in a sports bra but I also remember when I wasn’t where I am today. I remembered how I felt looking at girls in sports bras, the girls that were on their chapter 100 while I was on my chapter 2 on my fitness journey. I felt intimidated by those girls & compared myself constantly. 
I don’t want to be one of those girls that walk around in a sports bra intimidating others, I don’t want people to find me intimidating & thinking I only exercise in sports bras and don’t have down days. 
So, I turned around told her she looked amazing & and although that day I exercised in my sports bra for the first time in months to try & push my confidence boundaries, I went & found my top. 
It felt like it was that moment that really solidified why I want to be part of the fitness industry – to get girls feel confident in their own bodies & love eating healthy and staying fit.
sorry for the rant
Chlo xxx

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