Top Tips / Prepping

Food prep the bain of some people’s lifes but the key to stay healthy. It’s so under rated and can really help you stay on track for your health goals. Here are my top tips: 

Tupperware is my life / 

If you’re joining the life of prep, be prepared [lol] to embrace tupperware and welcome it into your life with open hands. I would recommend getting a variety of sizes this allows you to take different snacks in different pots. I have a ‘lunch bag’ to fit all my tupperare in to stop it all moving about.

Totes are totes amaze / 

Tote bag have become my pride & joy. Lightweight and spacious I carry all my food in one of those. you can buy them so cheap now with loads of different designs that one can always match your outfit!

Cook meals you can freeze / 

The great thing about things like chilli is you can cook a huge batch and then freeze the rest for later in the week. Mince doesn’t take long to cook & when all you have to do is defrost it you’ve got a healthy meal in minutes – add some veggies with it for extra nutrition.

Schedule it in your day /

Actively making time to cook, for me, is essential to make sure i’m prepped. It’s the first thing I do after breakfast on my day off.

Make extra at Dinner / 

Make double of your dinner portion for your lunch the next day. Save washing up & chuck it in a tupperware box ready for the next day.

Don’t forget cutlery / 
If you’re out and about for the day this is key. I’ve been caught countless times on trains and benches without a fork when I go to eat my chicken while on the move. 
Buy in bulk for cheaper alternative /

Amazon is great for buying nuts in bulk. It works out so much cheaper in the long run – just don’t be tempted to over eat.

Have a plan / 

Planning your meals & what you’re going to need when is key. Out from 8am – 8pm? That’s 2/3 snacks & 2 dinners – once you’ve planned you’re ready to prep.

let me know how you get on
Chlo xx

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