Recipe / Healthy Brownies

Now if you follow me on Instagram (@chlohodgkinson) you would have seen these brownies crop up a few times & honestly they are my favourite healthy treat ever! *note I say healthy treat, nothing beats cake*

Now before I go on to the recipe please note that i’m a ‘chuck it all in & hope for the best’ kind of girl. I don’t use scales & I honestly do just hope for the best… however, these always work out really well!

Ingredients / 

Xylitol Sweetner  (add sugar if you want unhealthy, but this is the best sweetner that tastes closest to sugar. Other options include coconut sugar)

– 1/2 scoop Protein ( I used pea protein as my body doesn’t agree with whey)

– Linseeds

– Desiccated Coconut (majority of the mix should be coconut)

– Chia Seeds

Lucy Bee’s Cacao Powder

Lucy Bee’s Coconut oil 

– Drop of Almond Milk


The very experimental process / 

– Mix together the linseeds, chia seeds & desiccated coconut (ratio of roughly 30:20:50) & the sweetener

– In a pan melt down 3 tbl spoons of coconut oil, once melted, mix in 2 large tbl spoons of cacao powder.

TOP TIP – if you don’t have cacao powder, dark chocolate works perfectly! Just reduce the amount of coconut oil & opt for 90% dark chocolate if you can

– Poor into the dry mixture and stir well. Add in the protein & the splash of milk.

*The texture should be moist yet easy to mould around a baking tin – if not play around with the mixture*

TOP TIP – Start off with a small amount of ingredients and you can the add more for sweetness or consistency.

– Put the mixture into a tin & then leave the mixture to harden.

– Once hardened, smooth some peanut butter on the top



I mean you’ve got to laugh really at those appalling directions! 
BUT I got asked how I make them & I don’t want to lie and pretend i’m a glamorous cook because I definitely am not! So there is my appalling attempt at directing you through these incredible brownies.
Enjoy & please tag me on Instagram if you try them out – i’d love to see your creations!
lol, recipe fail
Love Chlo xxx

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