The Thoughts / August

I feel like I say this every single month but can someone tell me where the hell summer has gone? I honestly can’t believe we are going into Autumn, I even started my winter gym-wear clothing shop last week. I can’t decide if I’m sad or slightly excited for Autumn this year. I’m a sit on the bench kind of person, I know I’m definitely one of those people that when it’s summer I look forward to winter & when it’s winter I look forward to summer BUT I also get really down in the winter (some say I’m miserable all year round but whateverrrr)

Olympics /

What an incredible year for team GB, I honestly couldn’t be more proud to be British than this Olympic games. However, one thing that baffles me, money has clearly been chucked at these sports which is amazing & we’ve done so well at sport… yet why as a nation are we all still obese? Maybe we should be doing more to get us all moving!

Stella McCartney X Adidas / 

ohhhh ma gad. Can we just stop and have a moment for the new collection of Stella McCartney X Adidas collection – it’s bloody gorg & these trainers are ‘going straight in my basket. 

Nutrition & HIV link / 

It is said in a recent article that the battle with good nutrition in communities is as big as the HIV battle 15 years a go. The article was based on those in developing countries, however, I’d argue that the nutrition problem in developed countries is a huge issue too – obesity & processed foods are something I often think is never going to be solved

T-plus Teas / 

The yummiest tea you’re likely to ever consume. If you want a sweet tasting tea these are definitely for you & with added vitamins along with the green tea you’re going to be feeling strong & detoxed in no time. Grab yours here today… 

Making Decisions / 

I wasn’t going to put this in here as I wanted to read the full book then tell you how I’ve applied it HOWEVER  I couldn’t resisit. I’m currently reading ‘Awaken the Giant Within’. In one part of the book it talks about making decisions and sticking to them & once you’ve made the decision you should follow through with it to succeed.
My decisions:

1) Find a good balance with food while still achieving my goals
2) Don’t binge eat – eat in moderation
3) Get the fittest & strongest I can be through effective training & good nutrition

If you had to make some decisions now, what would they be?
Chlo xxx

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