Top Tips / Keeping Kids Healthy

Tell a little white lie / 
Most kids are reluctant to try new foods so a little white lie may do the trick here. Sweet potato mash looks exactly like mashed up carrots [a more familiar food] – get them to try the food a few times then bring up that it’s actually sweet potato!
Introduce new foods as old ones / 
Normally have chips? Swap them for sweet potato fries. They are a complex carb and a lot healthier for you.

Make food from home / 
Cooking from home already slashes the calories and allows you to have control of nutrients and vitamins rather than eating out.
Get the kids involved / 
Get them cooking up their own food. Houmous is a great healthy dip that can be made from home. You may find they enjoy new foods more if they made helped make them.
Be a good role model / 
If you eat healthy nutritious foods they are more likely to try them after seeing you eat them. 
Switch to Pack Lunches / 
Pack lunches allow complete control over what your children eat. Although, we’ve come far from Jamie Oliver banning turkey twizzlers, the foods are not always the best they can be in schools. 
p.s a study found that mothers-to-be who had 6/7 servings of fruit a day [including juices] had children who were up to second points higher on the IQ scale by the time they hit their first birthday!! [womens health magazine]
how do you keep the children in your life healthy?
chlo xx

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